April 08, 2015

What am I going to Thailand for?

I’ve struggled to articulate an answer when people ask me. I don’t know exactly, I just know that I’m supposed to go. I don’t have a plan, I don’t have some elaborate scheme or five-point action plan to win Thailand for the Gospel. I don’t have any of that. All I have is me and what God has chosen to give to me. All I know is I was given the means to come out here, and so I came. That’s pretty much it. The only book I brought with me was my ESV study bible, so I guess I’m pretty prepared. sarcasm

Something has been rubbing me recently, a thought about how we live our lives that I can’t seem to shake. It seems that the vast majority of people (Christians included) are intensely preoccupied with earning a living and taking care of their families. Not a bad thing, surely. There are far worse things to be doing… But are there also far better?

When Jesus ascended into heaven, He did not mince his parting words to the disciples. Many of his teachings are presented in parable form, which inherently invites confusion and misinterpretation. Not so with the great commission. It is as clear as clear can be. And I cannot help but think He meant it that way.

So why is there such a disconnect then? Why does the church more often feel like a religious social club instead of the forceful, relentless vehicle of the Gospel that it was designed to be?

Is it wealth that has blinded our reading of the scriptures? Is it a desire for cultural relevance and acceptance that fuels our messages?

The bottom line is this – a church that is not growing is a church that is dying. We are living in the end times, but we’ve lost the urgency possessed by the apostles and the early converts. Jesus could come back any day (or hour), and I can’t help but think His reaction would be “wait, what are you doing? Is this what I told you to do?”

Being a Christian means taking to heart what the Bible says, even if it looks weird. And in fact, it should look weird. If it’s not weird, it’s probably watered-down and not actually the Gospel.

What I’m saying is this – if you look at the world, you’re going to get distracted by worldly things. If you look at Jesus, you’re going to get caught up in His mission. It’s as simple as that.

Oh and that whole eternal life thing? It’s here for the believer to experience now, not just after we die and become floating angel babies in heaven.

I don’t want to discredit the work of the American Church, because it certainly has done some good things. But at the same time, social-economic trends would indicate that America is going the way of Europe and other westernized nations (predominantly secular). Religion is tolerated but becoming less and less important, and church-goers are less and less engaged.

And that is what’s frightening. Something else has filled the God-need inside each one of us, and I’m scared to think it might be ourselves. American wealth and prosperity, decoupled from a sincere desire to know the Lord and obey his commands, will be the downfall of our country. It’s the same story that’s been told over and over throughout history.

I know some will disagree with me, but that’s why this is a blog – a place where I can vocalize my opinions and not be afraid of being wrong.

Anyways, I am in Thailand now, and I will be posting more stories, thoughts & possibly even some musings. Stay tuned.

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